Frequently Asked Questions

Dr Ling will see most patients within 2 weeks. Urgent appointments (within 24-48 hours) are available to patients with confirmed or strongly suspected diagnosis of breast cancer or melanoma. Dr Ling has regular operating lists at all 3 private hospitals on the Central Coast and waiting times for surgery are 1 to 2 weeks.

There will be out-of-pocket costs for your consultation with Dr Ling in the consulting rooms. There are reduced rates for Pensioners and Health Care cardholders. Part of the consultation fee is rebatable from Medicare. The practice will electronically submit a claim on your behalf to Medicare and you will receive the rebate within 24 hours.

Yes. Free parking is available at consulting locations in Gosford and Woy Woy. Paid parking is available at consulting location in Kanwal. 

Choosing to be a private patient in a private hospital entitles you to your choice of

  • Doctor: your surgery will be personally performed by Dr Ling
  • Timing: your operation date will be scheduled at a time convenient for you without needing to go on the public waiting list
  • Hospital: your operation can be performed at Brisbane Waters Private Hospital or Gosford Private Hospital
  • A Single Room if you require overnight stay (subject to availability)

It is possible to have your surgery done privately without having private health insurance. You can discuss this with Dr Ling at your appointment. 

Yes, you can still see Dr Ling in the rooms and be advised if your condition requires surgery.

Dr Ling operates exclusively in the private sector on the Central Coast. If you wish to self-fund your surgery, the practice can provide you with an estimate of fees. 

Dr Ling participates in the 'No Gap' scheme – meaning your health fund is billed directly and there will be no out-of-pocket costs from you. But there may be out-of-pocket costs from the hospital, anaesthetist, surgical assistant and pathology. Please note that Dr Ling has no control of other providers' fees.