Private Patients

A private patient is someone who chooses to fund their treatment themselves, often (but not always) through their private health insurer.

The benefits of having surgery as a private patient include

  • Choice of surgeon: your surgery will be personally performed by Dr Ling
  • Choice of hospital: your surgery can be performed at Gosford Private Hospital, Brisbane Waters Private Hospital or Tuggerah Lakes Private Hospital
  • Shorter waiting time, as Dr Ling is allocated more operating time at the private hospitals
  • A single room if you require overnight stay (subject to availability)

Dr Ling participates in the 'No Gap' scheme – meaning your health fund is billed directly and there will be no out-of-pocket costs to you for the surgery. There may be out-of-pocket costs from the hospital, anaesthetist, surgical assistant and pathology. Please note that Dr Ling has no control of other providers' fees. It is also possible to have your surgery done privately without having private health insurance. You can discuss this with Dr Ling at your appointment.